Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Canaltop Solar Power Project

The work of 500 KW Solar Canaltop Project near Banglar Hat in Eco Park is progressing in full swing. I inspected the site recently. A photo:

Canaltop Solar Project using net metering: work in progress
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Here are few clippings:

Times of India dt 9 March 2015 (Top and below)

Anandabazar dt 9 March 2015

Khabar 365 dt 9 March 2015


  1. Sir, once the canal is covered with Solar panels they should be regularly cleaned to avoid creation of algal growth due to lack of sunlight. You can as well see that its covered with green vegetation right now as well. So I urge to take the matter of regular cleaning as well when it is below the panels. Just wanted to draw your attention on this matter.

  2. Regarding the Newtown clock tower, can we have some midsize trees anround the plaza which will not cover the clock but also provide shade at the plaza? Can we Indianize the plaza concept?
    I belive during day time hardly any people will be able to use the plaza.
    In this regards can we do little modification in the design?

    1. Second that. The place looks so deserted and seems scorching under sunlight. We needed proper designed landscaping trees to provide shade as well as give a futuristic look to that place.

      Also, the fountains are of old design, but that is less important.