Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tea Lounge

I inspected the progress of Tea Lounge in Eco Park with Suman Neogy, GM Hidco. This is located near the tea garden that is being raised (saplings are more than a foot tall already, shade trees longer). The architecture is done by noted Architect Firm Dulal Mukherjee and Associates and would resemble a Tea Garden Bungalow in appearance with wide balcony on three sides and a glass-wall dining room inside. The triangular roof structure an interiors will highlight this ambiance. We decided to make a pathway around the lounge as well as a service entrance at the rear. It is expected to be commissioned within December. A site photo:
Tea Lounge under construcion in Eco Park
It is located between the Children's Park and Tea Garden
Two pictures of the artist's impression of the Tea Lounge when completed:

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Here are a few clippings from today's papers:

The Telegraph Metro dt 15  March 2015 
Times of India dt 15 March 2015

Times of India dt 15 March 2015


  1. I have some suggestions for mono rail routes.
    1) Ruby to Rashbehari. It will touch two metro rails and three very important road junctions along with one railway station. Later it can be further extended to Majerhat / DH Road.
    2) Ultadanga to Shobhabazar. The Ultadanga to Saltlake one can be extended to Shobhabazar. Also provisions can be made so that later on it can cross the river and touch GT road in Howrah.
    While building new bridges across the Hooghly, provisions for building Monorails in the future can be made.
    Also, the boulevards like space on the Vidyasagar Setu can be used to run Monorails or extending the curvey ropeway from Nabanna to Esplanade or Rabindra Sadan.

    1. I completely second Gairick's suggestion. However I think UD Dept should first get the flyover in Ruby with a sense of urgency. Entire South-Kolkata bound traffic comes to a halt in Ruby nowadays.

  2. Have been reading articles on the increasing level on pollution in Kolkata even after banning the old commercial vehicles and new BS4 vehicles.

    What I have been noticing for the last few years is that except some areas in the Kolkata metropolitan, at least 85 percent of the shopkeepers lit up the garbage daily (which includes plastics mainly). This include the roadside chaiwalas too.
    After questioning them at different places only one thing they had to say is that Municipality does not clear the garbage. This led to a huge air pollution which we never take it into account. Even the garbage disposal area of Panihati Municipality off Belghoria EW, it is always burning like a hot spring, which is never ending. Don't know how the residents are surviving there in the locality. Their life span must be reduced to 50 - 55 years.

    Clearing garbage is a serious issue in the municipality area areas under KMDA. It is also a problem in KMC. Garbage disposal is a serious issue and I think it should be taken care properly.

    I have seen sweepers cleaning outskirts of Bangalore or Delhi early morning, forget about the city core. Here in Kolkata I hardly see sweepers cleaning daily. I had noticed that areas like Park street vat getting cleared up at 10 - 11 in the morning. Which is really sad.

    A lot of NGO's should come up for awareness program and corporation and municipalities should clear garbage daily by strengthening it's workers in term of numbers. Else they can out source from private companies too. Government can improve their statistics too. By this at least 20 - 30 percent of the pollution level can be brought down.

  3. What HIDCO wants is to make the ecopark a bird and fish habitat. If that is really the motto then light in the ecopark should be shut down by as early as 6 - 6:30 PM. Bollard lights along the street is OK. But high masts should be shut down.

    Bird friendly building design guidelines and urban design guidelines should be studied before implementing this kind of projects.Many cities in Canada has adopted it.

    Hope it is time for Mr. Debashis Sen, for implementing it in New Town for a better future.