Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Design for New Entry Plaza for Gate 2 of Eco Park

A new subway is being built under the MAR (Biswa Bangla Sarani) connecting Mother's Wax Museum with  Eco Park's Gate 2. The Gate 2 of Eco Park is a very popular gate not least because you can get to the waterfront quickest from this gate.

With help of architect Abin Chowdhury, we are designing a new entry plaza for gate 2, with integration of the outlet from the subway being built. The design that has been made by Abin Design and accepted by us looks as follows :
Artist's impression of new entry plaza at Gate 2 of Eco Park
* * *
We had the roadshow on Legal and Financial Hub at the Glass House yesterday. A photo:

Minister Firhad Hakim, Justice AsimBanerjee, VC NUJS and me
(Photo courtesy Sanjit Sharma)
A clipping:
Khabar 365 dt 4 March 2015


  1. The Narkelbagan crossing needs an underpass urgently. Also, the bus stand (towards eco park) at the section stays deserted, as the buses towards airport, go round the island. I don't know why the traffic guard allows this.

    We would also like to know about the work going on in VIP road, being dug up from Airport to Haldiram.

    1. +! Suman. I also don't know why buses are allowed not to use the bus bay and queue up in the signal to turn left. This creates confusion among the commuters and they start running across the road negotiating fast traffic.