Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mass Housing e-Auction

A 3-acre plot in Action Area III will be e-auctioned on 19 March 2015. The e-auction will be done through MSTC. The registration must be done within 17 March 2015. The details can be seen at Hidco_website . There is a starting price, an earnest money and turnover requirements.
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A set of four special high mast lights has just been installed in Eco Park. A photo:

High Mast lights in EcoPark
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Here is a clipping from today's paper:

Khabar 365 dt 7 March 2015


  1. Dear Sir,

    Mast lights are good, but IMO these should be turned off at night; if not alreadybeing done, to actually be eco-friendly. Birds often get disturbed with such high beam.

  2. Echoing the same concern...this might lead to birds leaving the trees and disturb the balance..lights at the entrance or exit makes sense..but not across the entire area...we should not make it less eco and more amusement

  3. Can we have auction for 1 or 2 plots as school plots in New Town? I think all existing schools in Kolkata like St Xaviers, La Martieniere , St Lawrence, Frank Anthony, Loreto House , Calcutta Boys, Calcutta Girls and even our age old Ramkrishna Mission might get interested as they dont have land for expansion and HIDCO can fetch good amount of money through this. Though we have multiple educational institutes coming up in New Town, number of upcoming schools are really really less.

    Also needed is the much desired alternate connection to South Kolkata via the wetlands byepassing Chingrihata Junction. Can we pitch for this through the smart city project?

    Campaign for new town finance hub should start again with high pitch targeting the pvt sector banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS, Yes Bank etc this time. GIFT Ahmedabad and Finance Hub in Bangalore seems to have made good progress in this regard.

    GIFT Ahmedabad News:

    Bangalore Finance Hub News:

  4. Of all suggestions, the 'desired alternate connection to South Kolkata via the wetlands byepassing Chingrihata Junction' has to be underground tunnel with minimum intervention on the wetlands on surface.... else it will be neither smart nor eco friendly. There is already enough stress on the wetlands, makin a surface or elevated roadway will make it more susceptible to encroachment.

  5. Adding to the previous post i would suggest to connect Bantala too in this manner.

  6. Arita, I am not sure how feasible will it be to build undreground tunnel because that is going to be prohibitively costly and I am not sure whether HIDCO will be able to generate funds of its own for this. Even under smart city project, it will be tough to get funds for an underground project. So perhaps elevated road is the only answer.

    To get alternate connection to both South Kolkata as well as Bantala through a single road , perhaps it will be better to build a road from AA 3 to Bamanghata / BIT College/ Chowbhaga in Basanti Expressway. There are already metalled roads from Basanti Highway to reach Ruby Hospital / Kalikapur junction which have been built under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana and they can be widened and made more durable through PWD . Thus by building 1 elevated road, we can have connection from New Town to Basanti Expressway to Ruby / Kalikapur byepassing the science City interchange altogether.