Saturday, March 21, 2015

NGRBA: Bengal tops in Completed Projects

Yesterday at Delhi, the Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources held a meeting with all five Ganga-states to review performance. We ere told that now onwards, a more Ganga-centric multi-pronged strategy would be followed with real-time monitoring of selected stretches ("hotspots",they said) where besides water quality, closed-circuit TVs would also be installed to dissuade pollutants. Bengal's model of electric crematorium - we have installed five already - was appreciated and sought to be made a model for project preparation in other states (Bihar said they'd already got a couple implemented based on the Bengal model of electric crematorium design). Among certain other things that came up were (i) Sewage Treatment would be done in two parts from now on (a) do an interception of outfalls of drains into Ganga and treat in STP (b) do the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) first and only later the intricate network (ii) From Swachh Bharat Funds, the connectivity to a house could be financed @ Rs 4,000 per household (iii) A public noticewould be given to all Ganga-bank municipalities to give a plan for combating pollution in the river.

I give below a data given in the meeting by the Mission Directorate that shows that we top in the matter of execution of projects:
In number of projects completed, West Bengal is the leader
(Source: Agenda notes at Review Meeting on 20 March 2015
at New Delhi)
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Few clippings:
Ei Samay dt 21 March 2015

Salt Lake Telegraph dt 20 March 2015 (Top and below)


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