Sunday, March 22, 2015

Community Hall

The Community Hall in Seniors' Park is nearing completion. I inspected yesterday to check final design of facade lighting. A picture:

* * *
I went to see the Steel Building called Restello being built by a JVC. I was told that it was the only steel residential building in the country. I tried to understand the pros and cons of the technology and the possibility of replication. I was told that the finishing works would be completed within three monthsor so. Two photos:

Restello: the Steel Residential Building in New Town
(Top and Below) 
* * *
A clipping from today's paper:
Times of India dt 22 March 2015


  1. Unable to access the maps on WBHIDCO site for quite some time. Have they been taken offline for updating? When can we expect them online?

    As a layman, I suspect some issue with all links on the website --- none of them seem to work (the unified response to all links is "Error 404 - Page not found"). But, then, I am a blind person as far as IT infrastructure goes.

  2. I went to visit the clock tower plaza near home town and was disappointed to see the size of the plaza - it seemed really small. Also, there is no shade / trees.
    Another thing was that the boundary wall of this plaza is right on the road in front of it with no provision for a footpath. This should be rectified if the area needs to be pedestrian friendly.

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