Sunday, March 1, 2015

Road Show on Financial & Legal Hub: Tuesday 3 March

We will hold a road show at the Glass House in Eco Park on Tuesday 3 March 2015 to launch the Financial and Legal Hub. A picture of the invitation card to the invitees:

* * *
A delegation from the US Consultate met me at Hidco Bhavan last Friday (27th Feb 2015). A photo:

L-R: Prasanta Bhattacharya, M Chatterjjee, me,
Kellee Herrera, Architect Planner, Doryan Winkelman
Realty Specialist, Site Acquisition Division, US Deptt of State
* * *
An excerpt from a recent edition of New Town Bulletin:

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  1. May be something to explore IFSC at Finance Hub-