Friday, March 13, 2015

Kolkata Riverfront Development Ltd: First Meeting

A Joint Venture Company between KMDA and Kolkata Port Trust was formed today. It was incorporated as a Company by the Registrar of Companies on 10th March 2015. It met today for the first time with with three directors each from State Govt / KMDA on the one hand and KoPT on the other at UD Department (Nagarayan Building, Salt Lake). This Special Purpose Vehicle will act as the Concessioning Authority for development and setting up a giant ferries wheel at Millennium Park on PPP basis and also develop supporting tourism amenities in the area.
    A photo taken just after the first Board meeting:

First Board Meeting of KRDL
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An advertisement that appeared in today's papers:

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Few clippings from today's papers:

Salt Lake Telegraph dt 13 March 2015
Khabar 365 dt 13 March 2015

(Top & Below) Salt Lake Telgraph dt 13 March 2015

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  1. Sir,
    Where is the essential services building being constructed in AA-II (as mentioned in the TT news clip above)? Is it the utility building you were talking about in AA-IIC?

    If yes, what services other than a library and post office are opening here? I would request for a NTESCL bill counter for post-paid/pre-paid and also Eco-Park/MWM ticket counter (if feasible).

    And that building doesn't have any foot path near it. May I request you to approve construction of foot path from AA-IIC housing clusters to 6th Rotary please? And also a footpath connectivity to the utility building (if feasible)

    Additionally, the medians on the streets between housing clusters of AA-IIC to 6th Rotary should also be renovated with gardens/ decoration please. Kindly have them plant tall trees on the median and have them water those regularly so that they don't die in the summer.

    Best Regards,