Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wi Fi trial run starts in New Town

Yesterday afternoon, I tested for myself the Wi Fi for New Town's Biswa Bangla Sarani. Mr Ananda Ganguly, Chairman NTTIDCO, explained that it will take some more time to test, stabilize and expand. However, I was satisfied at the speed that I got in my iPhone yesterday. A photo:

Trial of Wi Fi in front of Coal India Bhavan in AA-I on 2 March 2015
* * *
A little while ago, I attended the inauguration of a new SBI Branch in Unitech Campus. Named an e-branch, it was quite tastefully done up, I found. A picture:
L-R (front): Me, Prashant Kumar CGM SBI, B Sriram, MD SBI
* * *
Few forthcoming events:
3rd March (today), 7pm: Road show on New Town Financial and Legal
5th March : 7 am: Basantutsav at Rabindra Tirtha (DD telecast at 9.30 am)
7th March: 5 pm: Book Fair at New Town Mela Ground; 6 pm: Ebong Bangladesh at Najrul Tirtha
8th March (Sunday): 10 am: Drag Car Race at Action Area 2; 6 pm: Rong Doler Gan at Rabindra Tirtha
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's paper:
Times of India dt 3 March 2015