Friday, December 25, 2015

Eco City

Yesterday, the Eco Urban Village was opened to public. This is different from Eco Park. Eco Park is nature at its most beautiful, with musical fountains, beautified urban space with manicured lawns and colourful seasonal flowers. Eco Urban Village is a bird watcher's paradise, it has Saluk and other rustic water plants and trees; 35 birds that have actually been sighted in this area have been listed and signage put up.

Yesterday on account of the year-end winter festival, a food festival has begun. It consists of 10 food stalls including Subway, Dominos Pizza, Cafe Ekante, Yellow Straw, and, the most exciting, Hidco's own "Fresh Fried Fish from Lake of Eco Park".

At Food Festival: Eco Park 24 Dec-3 Jan 2016
In the Seniors' Park, we are developing a Kitchen Garden. There are cauliflowers, brinjals and tomato that are becoming ready gradually. The idea is to engage member seniors in an economically  productive activity, they would decide what to cultivate and when so as to get a decent value from the market. The first 'lau' that I saw yesterday would be given to a Seniors' Picnic that will be held next Sunday but soon we will put up a notice for upcoming produce that members can buy garden fresh vegetables at cost price. There can even be a friendly auction on Sundays. A photo taken yesterday:
Gourd auction among members of Seniors' Park: soon 
New Town has already got a tag of Solar City and Smart City, I hope, New Town will gradually also earn the title of Eco City: We have tea garden whose leaves are used for a great cup of tea; we have eco park lake where fish seeds are released. fish feed given and through angling / netting fish is now bin used to sell to guests of Eco Park. Kitchen Garden produce in Seniors' Park will be auctioned to members for that garden fresh taste. Soon fruits from the orchard at Eco Park with 62 varieties of fruits will also be auctioned among residents. Rooftop organic vegetable garden pilot project will also start soon. Stalls in Markets have been allotted to co-operatives of North and South 24-Paragans for bringing in fresh vegetables from farmers. Most importantly, we are already talking to experts to see how New Town can be a Zero Waste City (I am trying to connect with Fish Feed producers to take away restaurant food wastes to convert into fish feed that can be fed to fish in lakes of New Town).
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The New Town Mela began yesterday. A photo:

Inaugural dance by Mrinalini at New Town Mela 24 Dec 2015
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Urban Eco Village started yesterday. Photos:

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Salt Lake Telegraph dt 25 Dec 2015

Aajkal dt 25 Dec 2015

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