Thursday, December 3, 2015

m Governance for Urban Development

Today we organised a longish meeting of all officers of Urban Land Ceiling Section of Urban Development Department at Nagarayan Bhavan. Officers from WEBEL were present along with Competent Authorities from the districts. Anup Banerjee and Kasturi Sengupta, Special Secretaries of UD Department were also present with me.

We aimed to have m-Governance solutions. I outlined my requirements ie on-line applications, self-correcting modules preventing incomplete applications, generating unique application number, SMS information on progress of application to applicant and a back-end monitoring software that will escalate to a higher level unless the applicant gets his application approved within a certain specified time period within the ceiling mentioned in the Right to Services Act.

I mentioned that we must try to see that no applicant / visitor need to come to the ULC Section at all: h/she should be able to get what he wants from his home using a computer and an internet access. In fact, I have requested my General Manager of Hidco to analyse visitor slips in Hidco Bhavan to see what makes people visit the office. If we can deliver the services on-line, try to target for a zero-visitor goal using m-governance, I'd say we have indeed achieved smart governance to a very large extent.

Later I spoke to MD, WEBEL with a request to put this on a fast track. Incidentally, in the Land Manager's section of UD Department, a PMU with a Software Specialist has been engaged recently to do a similar exercise in respect of Salt Lake land.

A photo from the dais today morning:

Conference of ULC Officers:
developing m-Governance solutions that help people
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