Saturday, December 12, 2015

Radio Branding in Buses : Wi Fi

There are 30 buses run by WBHIDCO since long. Tenders have been invited for procuring three electric buses. You can easily identify the Hidco buses on the roads of Kolkata by seeing bright yellowish Cafe Ekante designs on windows on the AC buses and Nazrul Tirtha strip ads on non AC buses.

Now I just had a discussion with a firm that says that it can install on our buses GPS enabled radio devices that will tell passengers about what is outside, depending on real-time location. Thus, for example, if it is passing by Nazrul Tirtha, without any human intervention, based on software and GPS locator, it will tell people what movies are going on there. There may be location specific paid advertisements too (hotels, for example). At other times, there will be, like an FM Radio channel,  music, news or other matters.

I also discussed about the possibility of having WI Fi in buses, taxis and cars in New Town. It seems the technology is quite easy (use a dongle with a 3G SIM, they suggested) but I wanted it to be hassle free, sucured but out of sight of the occupants inside. They said they'd revert.

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Ei Samay dt 12 Dec 2015

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