Wednesday, December 30, 2015


We all know about KYC (Know Your Customer). But what is KYR?

KYR, as I came to know from a 5-member delegation from Bosch, Bangalore, stands for Know Your Road. The Team has developed a smart apps that works on Android KitKat or later version. It can crowd-source movement of mobiles in cars and compute traffic speeds at various stretches of road in real time. Thus one can know in advance which roads to avoid and which route is quicker even as one is driving and is at a cross-road/ junction like VIP Road Haldiram point , for instance, where you wonder while coming from Kolkata Airport as to whether to take the VIP Road or the New Town Road for going to EMByPass.

Bosch will give this smart solution free as a Prrof of Concept (PoC) to Hidco for which Hidco has to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Hidco will install 50 such applications in 50 of its officers' mobiles and a pilot study will be done by 6 months.
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Aajkal dt 30 Dec 2015

Millennium Post dt 30 Dec 2015

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