Friday, December 4, 2015

Incentive for (1) recycling water (2)managing solid waste decentralised manner

The NKDA Board met today.It resolved to recommend 2% reduction in building plan sanction fees for new plans if it showed provision of recycling grey water by using a dual piping system so that the recycled grey water can be used for washing cars,gardening, toilet flush etc.

A further 2% incentive would be given if solid waste generated is recycled completely in a housing complex or individual house through composting and other means.

Rules would be changed by the State Govt on receiving the recommendations. Rule 28(2) of the NKDA Rules already provide for 2% incentives for rainwater harvesting, fly ash bricksand solar energy.

* * *
Markets in New Town are slowly coming to life. I was invited to attend opening of a new Kathleen shop in 1A Community market this morning. To guide residents better on how to reach the markets(this and the other three), we decided to have good road directions. Later, in the NKDA board meeting today, we decided to allot 3-4 stalls to agricultural co-operative societies of North and South 24-Paragans at subsidised rentals to bring fresh vegetables direct from the farms.

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Salt Lake Telegraph dt  4 Dec 2015

Salt Lake Telegraph dt 4 Dec 2015

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