Tuesday, December 1, 2015


From NKDA, a primary care unit consisting of a General Physician Doctor with a supporting paramedical staff is being positioned shortly to cater to first aid and basic level primary health care in New Town and adjoining areas. We wish to place the unit in the AA-1 market.

This doctor unit will be linked to the medical unit at Swapna Bhor through aan eHC (electronic Health Centre). One paramedical staff will be stationed there too. Preliminary checks and tests would be done by this paramedic and results transmitted through Wi Fi to the doctor at the market. He would also talk to the patient and prescribe for medication or specialist consultation. The prescription would be sent by WiFi to the patient. We are also thinking of tying up with the new Ohio Hospital in New Town for the consultation. The eHC will be gifted by HP
* * *

Times of India dt 1 Dec 2015

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