Saturday, June 10, 2017

Floodlit Cricket Ground

The NKDA cricket stadium at AA2 had the floodlights installed. I, CEO NKDA Debapriya Biswas, CE Pradeep Ray, SE Uttam Jana went to inspect. The first ever floodlit match was already on and I could see the lights illuminating the pitch and field quite well.
Sitting there, we discussed and decided that we will also install floodlights in the football field in Action Area 1.
There are eight panels on high poles, each with 48 LED lamps of 250W each.
The field has an illumination level of 250 lumens and the pitch has 300 lumens.
A football field, I was told, requires 75 lumens uniformly.
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Bartaman dt 10 June 2017

Aajkal dt 10 June 2017

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