Sunday, June 18, 2017

Golf Driving Range Starts at Eco Park's Golf Arena

12-bay Golf Driving Range Starts on Sunday 18th June 
Laxman Singh, me, Neil Law
Board at New Town Business Club today

With the first shot by 'Bunny' Laxman Singh (1982 Asiad Gold Medal winner), and members of New Town Business Club, officers of NKDA and HIDCO, golfers and others, we launched the 12-bay driving range today. Even in the early Sunday morning, (8.30 am), there were many participants. Tea Lounge sponsored delicious chicken sandwiches and fine iced tea. Business Club opened a membership desk for the day. Eco Park opened a spot registration desk. Neil Law's Adventure Sports provided golf buckets and clubs. With 100, 150...250 yard lengths marked in prominent yellow labels all over the ground, the air was quite electric. Mr Singh remarked that he was quite surprised to see how well the course had turned out and said that with 10 year or so waiting periods in established golf clubs of the city, this was a great addition to Kolkata's inventory.

I remarked that we would soon make this a 9-hole 3 par course beyond driving hours (6am-9am, 4pm-6pm, except n Mondays). There would also be lockers, shower rooms and cafeteria. Clubs would be available on rent (Rs 100) but players can bring in their own too. Golf buckets would however have to be rented @ Rs 100 for 50 balls and bringing in of own golf balls are not allowed. For New Town Business Club members, there would be free entry and free car parking. Also for Cafe Ekante room guests and monthly card holders of Eco Park (Rs 600 for a month). Room Guests of other hotels in and around New Town would have to pay Rs 300 per day per head. Training sessions for young boys and girls would be organised @ Rs 1,000 per month with 4 sessions a month.

All in all, it was an enthusiastic start for a new era in golfing as a sport for all.
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Khabar 365 dt 18 June 2017

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