Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rainwater Harvesting using Solar Energy

Solar Water Pump
We are planning to make a project of rainwater harvesting from NKDA market rooftop using solar water pumps. We plan to close all but one rainwater outlets from the market's roof. The rainwater pipe from the only remaining outlet will bring water captured by the rooftop into a ground level plastic tank. This water will be pumped up, little by little, by a pump such as the above which uses electricity (DC) from solar panels (not shown above) . The pump can lift water till 70 ft. The rooftop tank will be filled in and this water can be used for gardening, washing, cleaning etc.
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Millennium Post dt 14 June 2017

Dainik Statesman dt 14 June 2017
Times of India dt 14 June 2017

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