Thursday, June 15, 2017

Greening Plan

We held a meeting today with Forest Department, NKDA and Hidco to discuss the strategy to be adopted for greening New Town this monsoon.
After a longish discussion, we learnt the the Forest Department would revisit the 60,000 odd trees planted last year in New Town and do the necessary "in-filling", i.e, replant a few where the saplings did not survive. In addition, another 60,000 trees would be planted at Eco Urban Village, Eco Park and elsewhere. Avenue Plantation along new streets would be done. On 14th July, a small event would be held at Mela Ground where residents would be given free fruit saplings at 4pm in association with Forest Department. NKDA would take up several green spaces and plant saplings. In streets parallel to the Major Arterial Road on its both sides, tall trees would be planted in between street light poles in road medians where hedges had been planted. NGOs and Clubs who often volunteer to plant saplings would be encouraged to take care of maintenance too for a year. Sites to be offered to them were also broadly determined.
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Calcutta Times dt 15 June 2017

Times of India dt 15 June 2017

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