Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pilot Bus Information Planned

Yesterday, we had a large meeting with transport department officers led by Mr N S Nigam IAS, MD, WBTC and Hidco/NKDA officers to discuss about various issues on public transportation. After detailed discussions, we agreed to the following:
1. A bus route study would be done by Transport Department to see how existing bus routes can be modified or new bus routes need to be introduced to cater to the rapidly changing demaographic pattern of New Town, with special emphasis to AA1D and AA2.
2. A pilot scheme of installing live bus arrival information (Next S12 will come in 2 minutes...etc) will be installed in two bus stands near Nazrul Tirtha in New Town and Ring Road in Sector 5. TV and internet will be provided by NKDA/NDITA while software will be provided by Transport Department
3. A transport liaison cell will be set up in New Town to continuously co-ordinate with Transport Department
* * *
Times of India dt 21 June 2017

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Millennium Post dt 21 June 2017
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