Monday, June 26, 2017


I have always held that grey concrete pillars are an eyesore and causes visual pollution in the urbanscape. In my first meeting with Metro - 5 years ago - I had wondered in the official meeting as to whether the lines could be taken underground. But it was too late, work had started on elevated rail corridor, and at least four times as expensive, on a per km cost basis. So the pillars remain.

We are toying with many options.
1. Use of creepers: We planted few near NKDA office. But growth did not occur due to lack of sunshine.
2. Use vertical gardens, with a steel frame: Working out costs. Expensive.
3. Use pillar art: (a) We will soon put Sahaj Path's Nandala Basu's designs on six pillars near Rabi Aranya of Eco Park. (b) I have asked artist Roopchand Kundu to 'adopt' a few pillars for painting. (c)  I've asked NGO "Halo Heritage" to organise art workshop for painting few pillars and (d) (see pic above) we are from Hidco's internal talents, putting up silhouette designs near Mother's Wax Museum.
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Anandabazar dt 26 June 2017

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