Sunday, June 4, 2017

" Produce electricity in Stationary Cycles in Gym"

At Sunrise Point, Action Area 2, today morning.
Trying Solar Fan Cooled Caps
I attended a discussion at Sunrise Point in Action Area 2 of New Town. It is a short distance from Mangaldeep island or Akankshya More. We assembled to talk of Environment and to celebrate Solar Energy installation at their Community Hall out of their own efforts. Organisers also intend to plant trees on their road median and I agreed to their proposal whole-heartedly, mentioning that I'd been telling residents on this for some time and also explained a few basics (no banyan, eucalyptus, sal or other tall trees as these would interfere with underground utilities and street lights. Use, instead, sunflowers, bougainvillea, lantana, roses etc).  I tried their experimental 'solar cooled cap" (see pic above).

I requested that in their gym, they could install a small dynamo / generator on stationary cycles in gyms (Eco Cycles) that will save on fossil fuels and motivate users to pedal with a purpose. I said that this may be done by 2018 World Environment Day.

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