Sunday, June 11, 2017

Golf Driving Practice

Golf Driving Course being readied in Eco Park

I visited the Golf Arena in Eco Park today. One can enter quickly by Gate 6. A driving range with 12 stands is being constructed. The distance will be more than 250 yards or so. Further extension is being done. We have partnered with a golfer who has agreed to help. We plan to start a demonstration with few local golf enthusiasts next Sunday 18th June at 6.30 am or so.

The idea of having a practising range for golf is this. In my younger days, I never had any chance of trying my hand at golf. Football, cricket, tennis etc are games where children have a chance to practice and learn the game, some of whom can excel in the game later. But the average middle class child or youth has few practice zones. Becoming members of Tolly Club, RCGC etc to try one's hand in golf is difficult and unaffordable for many. On the other hand, talent can reside everywhere and by giving an opportunity to try one's hand at golf, maybe we will discover the Shiv Chawrasias  of tomorrow.

To start with, we have so far decided on the following rules.

One can opt to get a morning walker's card of Eco Park from the Curator (Eco Park) at Eco Park Office. (Rs 200 registration fee and Rs 750 per month). Members of New Town Business Club and all morning-walking-card-holding-members of Eco Park will be allowed free entry and free parking. Resident guests of Cafe Ekante will also get free entry.
Golf balls will be available in buckets. (Rs.100 for a bucket of 50 balls). One can bring one's own golf club or hire at spot. Timings: 6am -9am and 4pm-6.30pm. Personal trainers would also be available on payment of fees.

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