Monday, June 19, 2017

New Jetting Machine for Sector V

New Jet cum Suction Machine for Sector 5

Nabadiganta Water Management Co today launched a new jetting cum suction machine to clean sewerage lines more efficiently.
It can also be used, if required, to clean choked storm water drainage lines. Although NWM is not responsible for water drainage, they said they'd provide the machine if required (on rent).

Independently, we decided to request NWM to provide water on a per litre basis to street food kiosks, as was desired in the meeting of hawkers held last week. They agreed, a a tentative cost of 50p per litre.

NWM is also giving recycled water to agencies of NDITA engaged for watering roadside or median plantations.

At NDITA, in an internal meeting, we decided to hire mechanical sweeping machines with GPS trackers (as is being done in New Town) for keeping the streets clean.
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(Top and below) Khabar 365 dt 19 Jue 2017

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