Monday, November 5, 2012

Bio-Toilet to e-Toilet?

In the Eco-Park in New Town, there is no underground sewerage line in most parts. So we are experimentally setting up two pilot Biological Toilets (Bio-toilets) that would not need water or sewer connection. Upkeep and maintenance will be part of the contract to the firm that will set it up. Here is a picture as appearing in their documentation:
Today, I learnt of "e-Toilet" in Urban News Digest (September Issue). The Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, I learnt, has awarded a large grant to the firm based in Kerala. I checked their website and found features like coin-operated door, automatic washing/ cleaning and remote control from control room through GPRS.
I sent an email to them seeking further information.
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Here is a clipping from today's Ebela:


  1. Both are fantastic ideas. Bio-Toilets are there now even in malls in Bangalore to reduce water usage.

    Trying to bring a piece of Aberdeen City in New Town is also equally laudable. Thanks a lot for your untiring efforts.

    However raking up the old topic again: hawkers. All these efforts will really be looking pale when we will see encroachments all around the office areas in New Town.

    Telegraph carried out an article today.

    Cant we dedicate some space for them and strictly control the further inflow? Some vertical structure, some horizontal expanse but lets stop any further menace.

  2. I've seen the article. Once the food court is built, we'll relocate them. We are also in touch with police to ensure that new hawkers don't get a place.

    1. This is simply sounding music to my ears. Lets see to it that they get some ID card as well. Thanks Sir.

  3. I thinks its a great idea in itself to explore the new concepts.
    While in Jadavpur University, we had a small study made on public toilets world wide and its really amazing to know the variety available. To the ones which pops out of the street on weekends to accommodate nature's call of the limitless drinkers to the slick and stylish ones with a transparent wall. The kinetic and mobile architectural solutions can really be helpful in our context.
    We also need to invest on R&D in design sector where there is a need to redefine the minimum standards. (for example as per books the minimum corridor width to move is 750mm while can't we question that siting example of a huge Sardarji moving with a huge bags and suitcases through the tiny corridors of railway compartments.
    Can't we question the size of toilets siting the comfort conditions of water-less toilets of airbus.
    We must become more creative and cultivate and encourage our innovative faculties.
    I expect further discussion on this issues & once again congratulation to Mr. Sen for his untiring efforts to bring the real change we all seek for.
    - Abhishek Dutta

  4. Thanks, Abhisekh. Incidentally, I talked a while ago with the "Director-Innovative Projects" of the organisation that received the award on e-Toilet. I requested him to send a proposal for a demonstration project.