Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter of Intent for Ropeway in Digha

At Amarabati Park in Digha, there will be a ropeway for the tourists. After inviting Expression of Interest, Pre-Bid Meeting, Presentation and Financial Evaluation, an agency has been identified who will set up this tourist attraction. It will traverse the Lake, rising up to the island in the middle and land on the other side of the lake. Its length is estimated to be 150-200 m. A provisional letter of intent has just been issued.
We also want to have a ropeway parallel to the beach between new Digha and Old Digha. This, however, will require Coastal Zone clearances. Let us see if this is possible.
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Khabar 365:
And here is a cutting from today's Pratidin:


  1. Great to see some news related to Digha after quite a few days. Sincerely wish we get the CRZ clearence. Also expecting some updates on the remaining projects.

  2. A little unrelated topic but thought of mentioning this to you. Are we planning to use the garbage generated from New Town in some innovative way?

    Bangalore has already started work on this.

    Also Sweden seems to be the leading country in the world in this matter as it imports garbage.