Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Preparation for Bengal Builds

We went to inspect the making up of the Hidco stall in Milan Mela Complex (Hall B) for the 'Bengal Builds' Exposition that will he inaugurated by Chief Minister tomorrow.

A lot of Hidco officers were present. Here is a picture of the stall as it stood at 5pm today:

* * *
Here is a clipping from yesterday's Aajkaal:


  1. This was really a very sharp and clever move to offer the former Mayor of London to become an advisor to HIDCO.:-)

    Plus I think we need to focus on 1/2 key value propositions of New Town financial hub.I had suggested IFSC for currency trading. May be something else will serve the purpose as well. Anything that would increase the trading volume ( stock / commodity/ derivative/ currency trading etc) abruptly would serve as a catalyst for the growth of the hub.

  2. Optimism is the key. However, so much of hard work may just easily be spoiled by too much public reiteration of over-protective land policy by administration at highest level which had indeed created some uncertainty doubt for fresh investments. Sometimes silence instead of aggressive contradiction helps other channels to work with more pragmatic approach keeping a balance.
    Sorry, my conscious does not allow me to be more direct than this. Thanks.