Wednesday, November 7, 2012

House Number System in New Town

House numbers in New Town have a 6 digit code. The last four digits represent the street number and the first two digits represent the plot number.
Thus if the house number is, say 120012, the plot number is 12 and the Street Number is 12.
North-South Streets have even numbers. East West Streets have odd numbers.
Odd numbered plots are on one side of the street. Even numbered plots are on the other side.

What happens if the number of plots in a street is more than 99 as the number of digits allocated for plot number is two? There aren't any cases now but we are thinking.

Recently, I've requested NKDA to erect street number signs and maps at strategic corners to help anyone locate a house easily. Zone-wise and land-mark based groupings will also be worked out.
* * *
I was present in the press meet by Minister Firhad Hakim yesterday at Milan Mela. Here is a clipping from Pratidin:


  1. Sir,

    Can we have maps of NewTown in the HIDCO website with the street numbers mentioned ( both current and proposed)? The current maps of the different Action Areas in HIDCO website does not contain the Street Numbers mentioned.

  2. A proper demarcation of PIN codes is also necessary. My area is 700157 as per my passport; but a HIDCO tender document calls it as 700156. Quite confusing.