Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Town Building Plan for Neighbouring Area too

To construct any building, one has to submit a building plan and get it sanctioned. In Kolkata, the sanction is given by Kolkata Municipal Corporation. In New Town, sanction is given by NKDA (New Town Kolkata Development Authority) in accordance with the provisions of the NKDA Act. However, areas just outside New Town is rapidly urbanising too. Although these are Panchayat Areas, big developers often approach Gram Panchayats for sanction of big buildings.
The Panchayat & Rural Development Department has recently acknowledged that there is a need for ensuring that big buildings surrounding New Town may also conform to the same scrutiny and rules as those in New Town. In its order no. 5747/PN/O/I/IA-7/01 dated 8.11.2012, it has laid down that for buildings beyond a height of 15 metres, all plans in the neighbourhood of New Town must be referred by Zilla Parishads to NKDA for scrutiny and No Objection before sanction is accorded.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India on the polyclinic plot sale:


  1. Dear Mr Sen

    Have been following your blog via frequent references on skyscraper city kolkata forums. Great work and good to see suck background urban planning re Newtown

    Although off topic - wanted to ask you
    Have there been any progress on the KMOMA museum project or the KICC. Both had iconic designs and we were enthusiastically following it from abroad. Now, we see the signs along the MAR, but, nothing seems to have moved. Are the projects still on?


  2. Thanks for this step. This was very needed and also help in augmenting NKDA revenue.

    But I have a suggestion here. If you look at the erstwhile BRADA area mouzas as well as the mouzas in the previously planned AA-4 ( area between EW MAR and Basanti Road) , not only tall buildings, but a number of township projects are coming up.

    These township projects are basically plotting projects where the builders are charging hefty money but providing no basic amenities ( Wide roads, electricity, underground sewerage,drinking water, footpaths, cable ducts for internet and cable operators etc). What the developers plan to do is once they develop these townships , they will eventually hand it over to NKDA as these areas get urbanized and jurisdiction of NKDA increases and it will be NKDA'S headache to provide these infrastructure. The same concept had drained KMC authorities to better the infrastructure of the added area like Behala.

    Eventually NKDA resources will get strained to provide infrastructure in those areas later. I strongly feel since no area within a radius of 15 km of NKDA limits is cheap nowadays , we should lay down a set of norms for the developers of these township projects as well to provide the basic necessities of urban life.

    This is what BDA ( Bangalore Development authority) does also to provide NOC to developers for layout development ( plot projects). This also helps in getting a regular income flow for BDA.

    Underground sewerage, underground electric cabling, pavements, parks , drinking water supply connection and underground cable ducts should be made mandatory for these layouts.

    A link of what BDA is doing since 2006 to give approval and NOC along with the charges.


    1. Also keeping in mind the future traffic, we should lay down a minimum width for the roads in the townships.

      Developers try to maximize the return by keeping the road widths very narrow ( 20 feet / 30 feet etc). But since we will never want the neighboring areas of New Town to have the look and feel of a large urban slum like sprawl with traffic snarls and honking that we face in Kolkata , I think its better if we force the developers to have a road width of at least 50/60 feet within their layouts with pedestrian friendly facilities like bicycling tracks and wide sidewalks.

      Tomorrow if we are rolling out Personal Rapid Transport ( PRT)in New Town, that should be extendible to the surrounding areas as well.

      This is a link to how Mountain View ( an old suburb of San Francisco developed in 50s) is planning to upgrade its infrastructure for 2030.


  3. We will also charge development fees once we finalise the LUDCP (Land Use Development and Planning Plan). But can we, even with the fees so collected, create infrastructure on land that does not belong to the government? I wonder

    1. Dear Mr Sen,
      Newtown development is really an effort to be praised wholeheartedly.
      I thought, all the lands belong to Govt. and for development the tenants can not resist the Govt.
      I trust ,Your effort would surely yield result. Looking forward.

  4. Sir, Actually a very good question.

    For the existing roads ( like the narrow village roads eg, Hatishala Panchayet Road or Road in front of Aquatica), HIDCO can widen , strengthen and pavement under neighbourhood development.

    However, the new roads that will come up in these mouzas will be mostly built by the developers in the layouts and will be used by public later. These need to follow a standard with proper specification by HIDCO ( width, pavements, cable ducts, underground sewerage, underground electric cabling, water connection etc), so that after the development of these roads , maintenance is not that much capital intensive for upgradation. Also the development in New Town and the surrounding areas should not look put of sync because of lack of regulation.

    In South Kolkata, along EM Byepass , multiple cooperatives developed multiple layouts. But all these layouts had very narrow roads ( 20 feet / 30 feet) with no footpaths or sewerage or cable duct system. Neither they had any parks or swimming pools . However these roads are really narrow wrt traffic of today. KMC had to develop sewerage lines later but they could not widen the roads as houses were already constructed along them.

    We should specifically avoid these scenarios. Developers are already charging hefty fees to the customers. They should develop these infrastructure as well for future and all these layouts should get approval by HIDCO after adhering to the guidelines.

    This is the model followed by BDA in Bangalore.

  5. Sir,
    Please try to widen the Road connecting MAR NEW TOWN to VIP Road through KESTOPUR which will decongest over crowded unplanned KESTOPUR somewhat. One road is coming up in Kestopur connecting DLF which may please be taken up for early completion.Beside above, motor able road connecting SALT LAKE may please taken up for speedy completion.
    Your kind intervention will change the scenario.

  6. To construct any building, one has to submit a building plan and get it sanctioned. In Kolkata, the sanction is given by Kolkata Municipal Corporation. But I have a suggestion here. If you look at the erstwhile BRADA area mouzas as well as the mouzas in the previously planned AA-4 ( area between EW MAR and Basanti Road) , not only tall buildings, but a number of township projects are coming up.
    Rajwada Grand Kolkata

  7. Sir,
    Please note that clarity is missing on the subject of sanctioning authority for the building plans below 15 meters in the Panchyat area of new town. What we have learned from your blog that Panchyat is responsible for such clearance.
    Kindly intimate us the notification / order number in this regard so that we can refer to same for the work.
    Your advice is highly solicited.

  8. Respected Sir
    I am a practicing Advocate in land related matter and based in New Town only.Very often we find ourselves in tight spot while advising clients about sanctioning authority for buildings below 15 meters in panachyat areas in and around new town. I have also visited few panachyat offices along with clients and found that clarity is missing.
    Kindly let us know the exact status of the rules in this effect. Please update about relevant notifications so that we can guide clients properly and they do not get harassed and fall prey to touts.

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