Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Solid Waste Management : Hidco & KMC

In New Town's Master Plan, there is a mouza called Beonta where a Solid Waste Disposal Area was earmarked. This is in South 24-Paraganas, on Basanti Road. But this is not available for use as the area has been included within East Kolkata Wetlands.
Today evening, we had an urgent meeting to explore alternatives. I've requested Suman Neogy, GM-Engg Hidco, to talk to Irrigation Deptt and see if some canal-side land may be spared. Let's see if we can, together with KMC, get some new location.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India


  1. It's a very good decision to show cause the firms - their delay is actually delaying the overall progress of Newtown. Hopefully, good senses would prevail and they would start constructions ASAP.

    The vacant plots in front of my locality (AA-IIC) makes the entire area look like god forsaken barren land - its depressing.

    On a related note, is Hidco trying to provide BASIC AMENITIES for residential/ commercial spaces which are occupied? Those builders atleast completed their task, I am sure they deserve a better treatment!

    Example #1: The stretch of road in front of DLF-II/ Unitech is in a bad shape. My friends who work there find it very difficult to drive during rainy season and during winter it is very dusty (I visited one month back). I worked in Bangalore/ Chennai for more than 2 years and the IT parks have better roads, no hawkers etc.

    Example #2: (..and I don't mean to be caustic here; but just providing an impartial opinion) HIDCO is yet to start construction of community market in AA-IIC. Maybe, you don't respond to this repeat question of mine thinking this to be an individual issue; but trust me it isn't one. I feel cheated by West Bengal government and my promoter for selling me a place which does not have proper footpath, market, communication, water supply etc.! I paid through my nose and what all I have got is an empty promise of future smart city.

  2. Sir, it would be great if you provide some update related to water supply project. Perhaps it is not being carried out by HIDCO ( perhaps by PHE), but still it would be great if you provide some update related to probable start date and end date of the project because many people are really fed up with the quality of water in New Town.

    Not being actually critical of you but yes pace is lacking for the development projects in AA-II and AA-III.

  3. Solid waste disposal is really a critical issue. Thanks a ton for taking proactive steps. Bangalore has become some sort of unlivable in last 2 months because of this waste management issue and garbage is littered all across the city.


    However I have a comment here. Finding new landfills is not a scalable or even a sustainable solution. We have to do proper waste segregation and waste recycling and believe me, HIDCO and KMDA can make billions if recycling project is implemented properly.

    Sweden is nowadays importing trash as there is huge money to be made from this.


    1. There was an article today in ToI Bangalore edition on waste segregation:


  4. 3rd Point. I think you might have gone through this article published in Telegraph.


    Is this the same land acquisition issue that is stopping us from making progress on

    (a) link of 6 lane expressway from New Town to Ganga Nagar / Badu on NH 34 leading to Barasat

    (b) link of 6 lane expressway from New Town to Basanti Highway leading to South Kolkata

    (c) widening of the narrow stretch of road on EW MAR after Unitech SEZ in AA-III near the existing village.

    If LA is the issue and that is holding up these projects, then I will say we are really very very unfortunate that some small stretches of LA is not allowing us to do such major infrastructure upgrade. Your intervention in this case will be really helpful Sir.

  5. Sir,

    It was great to find that your blog has become a source of news for a big newspaper group. The language is almost unchanged.



  6. Solid waste disposal is indeed a critical issue.

    For information on hazardous waste services visit Ameriphysics website.

  7. Having stayed in Gurgaon and Thane, two of India's front runner suburbs, I must say the New Town has excellent layout. However, it would be good to see the pace of development gain momentum and good supply of water and disposal of solid waste. Pray Kolkata's hope doesn't end up in smoke.