Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EOI for Financial Hub Phase II

After the Phase I of the offer inviting participation in the International Financial Hub in Kolkata's New Town, it is seen that the following Financial Institutions will participate in / near the Hub:
State Bank of India, Kolkata Stock Exchange, Allahabad Bank, United Commercial Bank, United Bank of India, National Insurance Corporation, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, West Bengal Financial Corporation and West Bengal Infrastructure and Financial Development Corporation.
Today, notice inviting Expression of Interest for the second phase has been published. Here is a clipping from the notice in today's Times of India:

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Here is a clipping from Business Line (Great to see this blog mentioned in print !):


  1. In the last update that you had provided on 31st October, the names of the financial firms that had expressed interest contained the name of SREI and did not have the mention of Kolkata Stock Exchange.

    Did SREI withdraw the application and planning to apply in the second round for some better location of the plot?

    Kolkata Stock Exchange is definitely a good news. ICAI had taken land somewhere else ( as far as I remember in AA2) before.
    Are they leaving that plot and moving near the financial hub?

    So any update from LICHF , BoI , Dena Bank and HUDCO? This time we need to target some pvt sector investments.

  2. SREI was disqualified on technical grounds. I hope that they will apply correctly this time.

  3. Very heartening to hear there has been some interest generated in the first round and hope that there will be some more bids for the remaining plots. It might also be a good idea to reduce the sizes of the lots, thereby enabling mid tier organisations to get involved. Looks like initially only national level participation. This might change of course since everyone concerned are trying their best..
    Thumbs up for the effort so far.

  4. Sir
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