Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Town Rajarhat on Google Map

There were a few queries as to whether we could have good maps on the web, especially after my post on plot/ premises number and street numbers (see also clipping below). The issue is that to show up to the street level, one needs a map on a large scale. The blue print containing the working drawing is on a chart-paper sized paper for action area IA only. If this is converted into a pdf file, it would be very large and quite difficult to download and/read on the screen. AutoCAD software is also not available with most users and as such this version cannot be put up on our web.
On the other hand, we'd internally done some work on incorporating street numbers within Google Maps. So all that is necessary is to go to Google Maps ( and put in "Hidco Bhavan" in the Search Box.
Then pan & enlarge as required to see the lay-out of the streets, the odd-even numbers and the lay-out.
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Here is the clipping from today's Times of India referred to above:

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  1. Yes I checked this. Really nice.

    Same update needs to be done perhaps for the entire New Town. I could not locate Road 2222 & 4444 and also the internal roads of AA2-E for which EOI has been invited.

    Coal India office is shown a little inside from MAR whereas it is on MAR.

    Read a report today that inauguration of ECO Park is happening on 28Th December. Great that we progressed so fast. :-)