Saturday, September 7, 2013

297 flats for the Economically Weaker Section

There are two Housing Estates in New Town Kolkata that are meant for the EWS category. One is Balaka (the older one, completed in 2002) and the other is Alaka. Both are in Action Area I and people are already residing there.
There were 297 vacant flats in the two Abasons. Application kits were sold through bank during the period 29.11.12 to 20.12.12. The last date of receipt of applications was 19.1.13. A total of 2,261 applications were received out of which 29 were found to be invalid and were cancelled while 12 applications were withdrawn. That left 2,220 valid applications.
A lottery was held today at Nazrul Mancha. Former footballer Jamshed Nasiri and Chairman WBIDFC Dr Abhirup Sarkar were present as Observers. The manual lottery started at 10.30 am and was completed by 2.30 pm. Results were displayed at the venue soon after. This will be published on Hidco website on Monday. Results will also be displayed at Hidco Notice Board at Hidco Bhavan by Monday. Application money of unsuccessful applicants would be refunded by post soon.
Team Hidco led by Debjani Datta GM(Marketing) and including Sutanu Kar JMD, Samares Mitra CFO, Krishnendu Basak GM(A), Kalyan Sen OSD, FO, AO and a whole lot of staff and officials worked as a clockwork.
A photo from my mobile:
At Nazrul Mancha today:
Jamshed Nasiri & Abhirup Sarkar (cicled yellow) can be seen.
Applicants themselves drew lots

I took the opportunity to review the progress of work of renovation of Nazrul Mancha. SE KMDA, CEO KIT, EE KIT, Architect Havens and Agency accompanied me. Soil test had begun. Four groups would start work from Monday. The Mancha would be air conditioned. We surveyed the areas and did some minor modifications. The renovation will take 6 months.
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Here is a cutting from Khabar 365 that appeared few days ago:


  1. Slums are there in Kolkata from colonial times and we have not been able to develop much of EWS Housing as Singapore and Hong Kong did. We all know that Singapore got independence around 15 years later than us.

    I have a request. Under BSUP of JNNURM , cant we construct EWS housing in the existing slums. Since EWS flats are 4 storied, we can accommodate more people in a lesser surface surface area.

    Sir, we all know that we need lakhs of EWS Flats . But I have a question here. Why did only 2200 people apply ? Didnt we advertise properly?

    Kolkata is having more than 20 Lakh of slum dwellers. Assuming a family of 4, around 5 Lakh of slum population. Arent we missing something?

    Also , Sir, can we enforce a blanket ban on re-sale of these flats for 10 years to stop speculators / dalals / benami transactions who all treat these properties as low-cost but high-return investment destinations ?

  2. I agree with the concept of a ban on re-sale of subsidized flats. All over New town MIG/LIG flats are being sold at market prices for a neat profit. Maybe, an alternative would be a rent-to-own concept, where the EWS allotte will need to pay an upfront amount and the rest through subsidzed EMIs - they can only claim full ownership if they complete the term - before that they should not be allowed to resell or sub-let to other occupants.

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