Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lottery of EWS flats on Saturday

297 EWS flats will be distributed through lottery this Saturday, 7th September, at Nazrul Mancha. It was supposed to be held much earlier, but the sudden declaration of Panchayat Elections forced a postponement. Finally, the lottery will be held in the same place. Advertisements will appear in newspapers on 4th September.


  1. In the internet, there is an allegation that these EWS flats are not reaching the intended recipients. These flats are bought by rich & upper middle class people in the name of their wife,daughter etc with either Fake Income proof from First Class Magistrate or showing Income Certificate of their spouse having income from other sources.

    I confirm with this as I know personally folks who are IT Engineers being owners of these flats in "benaam".

    If this trend continues, we can never have the intended consequences of building these EWS Flats. Can we have a stricter enforcement mechanism to check the actual income of the owners and can we enforce a blanket ban of 10 years on the resale of these type of flats?

  2. Detecting benami transactions is often a problem. However, such grey transactions remain grey: they are not legally recognised.

  3. Sir, Can we make a e-form download and uploading, and net banking of this LIG and MIG housing apart from traditional hard copy as an option. It will help to generate lots of fund to the Govt, as well eliminate Middle man, who are selling this forms in higher prices.

    I really appriciate the way HIDCO is doing e-tendering.

  4. Sir,

    Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to communicate with you through blog. We feel privileged for this.

    I would like to draw your kind attention to the posts of August about Ghuni and AA1 connecting bridge, which is strategically profitable for Rajarhat and Newtown itself and will bring safety to women, children and elders for this area in various ways as we discussed. So please take some initiative to this issue.

    Biplab Banerjee
    Sunrise Greens.