Thursday, September 5, 2013

Solar Tree

I went last evening to the car parking site near Gate no. 3 of Eco Park. Chief Engineer Hidco Ananda Ganguly, CEO NKDA Gopal Ghosh and others were there with me. We selected two sites where two sample Solar Trees will be set up. The pilot trees are being acquired through the expertise of BESU. The trees contain the solar panels from where electricity will be generated in day and provide shade for cars parked. In the night, it will power LED lights.
Here is a picture of a prototype from the project report. We have been told, however, that the actual look may be quite different.
 On Monday, 9th Sep, a meeting of various departments will be held at Writers' Building to promote use of Renewable Energy Sources.
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Here is a cutting from today's Times of India:


  1. Really nice concept and electricity saving.

  2. Dear Mr. Debashis Sen, September 5, 2013

    I was just looking at our proposed 6 Metro Line (projects) underway and most of them intersecting one or the other at some point. Out of them the 3 metro lines are as below :-

    Existing Proposed Metro Lines
    Line 1 – Kavi Subhas to Noapara – existing 28.14 km (operational)
    Line 2 - Noapara to Barasat - proposed 18.5 km
    Line 3 – Airport to Kavi Subhas - proposed 32 km

    Line 2 (Noapara to Barasat ) would be intersecting with Line 1 at Noapara and also intersecting with Line 3 at Airport (Jai Hind Station).

    Since the above 3 routes run through most of Kolkata, I was just wondering if we could have the above three routes so aligned that the One Metro Line runs through entire Kolkata City in Circle which would be immensely helpful forl all commuters. In such a case the above Metro Lines routes could be aligned as below :-

    Proposed Metro Lines amended
    Line 1 – Kavi Subhas to Noapara to Airport to Kavi Subhas (28.14+6.5+32 km)
    Line 2 – Airport to Barasat (12 km)

    The benefit of running one metro in Circular route i.e.Kavi Subhas to Noapara to Airport to Kavi Subhas would be that :-

    1. There would be one Circular metro route covering almost whole of Kolkata in a Circle.
    2. All the other lines viz. Joka-BBD Bag, Airport-Barasat, Barackpore to Baranagar line
    extended to Noapara would be intersecting at this Circular route which would mean in
    just one change of metro any person would be able to travel to most of Kolkata.
    3. The above proposition does not affect the proposed plan of Metro lines in a major way
    or needs any major alteration in existing plan of metro officials, as all it requires is (i)
    Running the metro in Circular Route. (ii) Increasing/decreasing route of two lines
    by approx 2 kms.

    As of now any person at Joka, Park Street or Dalhouse if he has to reach Rajarhat would need to use atleast 2-3 metro to reach his destination and changing at intersection points would entail both time, cost and energy.

    I felt the above proposal could be immensely helpful and therefore felt mentioning it here for your kind consideration.

    Please reply if it can be worth considering.



    1. Line 1 is of different gauge (broad gauge ) and the others are standard gauge, so its impossible to run the same train on different routes.

  3. Sir, Solar tree will be really nice and green concept. We should have it in other parts of Kolkata as well.
    Also like to know the status about the new medical college which was planned to be setup in Newtown.
    Sir, in the HIDCO website there is very little information about ongoing and upcoming projects. A page(including project model and location map) about each of these projects will be very informative. Also projects like WTC, medical college, Bus Terminus are not mentioned at all in the upcoming projects.