Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CM Visits Eco Park

Yesterday afternoon, on her way back from Barasat, Mamata Banerjee, Hon'ble Chief Minister, spent some time in Eco Park. She did her brisk evening walk, discussed for a while, and left after reminding that all work must be completed by December 2013.

Here is a photo taken by Arijit Sanyal on his mobile:

* * *
Urban Development Department, in their notification number 3377-SL(AL)4S-9/2004 dated 2.9.2013 has brought out a clarification. It relates to payment of fees for getting transfer permission for leasehold residential plots in Salt Lake. Its explanation runs as follows:

"...Explanation: It is however, made clear that all devolutions, except in favour of close blood relations...shall be deemed to be transfer and transfer fees will be applicable. "

This will plug a loophole in respect of revenue receipts of the government.
* * *
Maharaj Secretary of Belur Math Swami Suhitananda and Maharaj Santanu and two other Maharajs met me at Hidco today morning. I took them to the site of Vivek Tirtha, near gate 1 of Eco Park. A photo of their offerings at site of plot. They put some earth from Belur Math and some flowers. A photo on my mobile:


  1. Sir, a humble request. For many years Leander Paes has brought fame to both our country and our state. He is one of the greatest sportsman our country has ever produced. But we have not honoured him properly. It will be a great pleasure for all of us if our current government looks into this mater.

    1. If you are hinting at a state of the art tennis academy, it is most welcome. One Gopichand academy operational in Hyderabad for a decade and see the results --- India ranked 11th amongst 102 countries, two ladies in top ten and three men in top 25. With our history of tennis (Jaideep Mukherjea and Naresh Chand are still around), we could indeed do our country proud. If felicitation programme,the Sports Ministry of WB government could well do it. Why involve WBHIDCO?

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  3. Three points to make:
    (1) Visited the new WBHIDCO website. Quite an improvement on the earlier one. Congratulations to you and your team! One suggestion through. Could we have a tab on the home page listing 24x7 Emergency Call Centre(Police, Hospital/Ambulance, Fire Brigade) phone numbers? Or better still why not have a single 24x7 call centre (like 911 in USA and 110 in Saudi Arabia) that coordinates the rest?
    (2) Glad to note updating of the 'HIDCO Bhavan' map. However disappointed at the piecemeal job done --- existing infrastructure (Prakriti Tirtha gates & parking lots, functioning SEZs, etc.)and initiated proposals (medical college/hospital, convention centre, international bus terminus, iconic building, community markets, etc.) are still missing. We need to generate the buzz!
    (3) There have been many reports on local transport infrastructure, the most recent one being the tram proposal? Are Solekshaws in the mix? After all they are Bengali in origin. This environment friendly initiative could well turn out to be a win-win situation for all stakeholders --- new town residents (problems in away-from-MAR transportation resolved), local residents (a revenue generating avenue opens up) and government (happy citizens). If not acted upon fast, market forces will ensure spread the cancer of Autos (remember there is no 'undo' option in India, more so in West Bengal) --- and wipe away any pretensions of new-town being a modern city.