Friday, September 13, 2013

New Town Sharadiya Mela

A mela will be organised soon after Lakshmi Puja in New Town. It will be held in Action Area 1, near Hidco Bhavan. This was a proposal that came up during last year's Bijoya Sanmilini at New Town that was held in Rabindra Tirtha where all Puja committees showcased their best cultural events. Now we'll have a Mela and Sanmilini. Both, together, will provide a forum for greater opportunities to create friendship ties among New Town residents.
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Here are two clippings from today's Telegraph Salt Lake:


  1. Good to see the parking lot; and I hope this would eliminate the parking menace in front of the DLF IT park. I hope the road-side eateries on encroached footpaths across NewTown (in front of all major offices) are done away with as well!

    Great work Mr. Send and team - keep it up! You have been a blessing to the NewTown residents.

  2. It's great to see the positive development regarding paid parking. It will be really helpful for many if the locations of these parking lots are uploaded in the Google Maps (quite easy via Google Map Maker).

    I hope similar parking facilities are made available in other parts of the city. Given the space constraint and steadily growing number of vehicles, Kolkata should have many multi-storied parking lots. Of course, stricter enforcement against illegal parking is also the need of the hour. I guess, this might make multi-storied parking lot financially viable.


  3. The formation of proper parking lots is a great initiative. To encourage car owners to take mass transportation and de-congest the city's roads, the next step should be the creation of parking lots near upcoming metro stations and major bus stops along the major arterial road of new town. This concept called "park and ride" is quite popular in many developed countries.

    I know a lot of people are forced to drive their own car due to lack of the last mile connectivity from the arterial road to their homes that are located more than 1km away from the arterial road.

    A good place to have such lots are near new town 1st rotary/ 2nd rotarys. Since metro is being constructed already, this would probably be a good time to provision underground parking lots at these places.

  4. ABP coverage on solar power initiative at Ecopark:

  5. Sir,
    Parking lot is a great initiative. However the need of the hour is overhead / underground pedestrian crossing at places like DLF - 1 / Millennium Towers, Narkel Bangan crossing, TATA Memorial / Techno India etc areas. The underground one currently being built at the MAR near Sunrise Points/Highland Woods is at present not much useful due to low pedestrian density. Whereas the above mentioned areas have a large footfall due to large offices and residential population. Hope NKDA will focus on the same.