Saturday, September 14, 2013

Broadband Connectivity

In the Citizens' meet that we held few months ago, a recurrent demand was that in some places BSNL's broadband services were not being made available. I wrote a Demi Official Letter to CGM BSNL recently, requesting steps to address this issue. Finally, last Thursday we had a detailed meeting with CGM BSNL Mr Gautam Chakraborty and his large team of senior officers. The BSNL team gave a presentation, and I reproduce three slides:
Locations served by BSNL

Future Plans
BSNL has also promised to open a Customer Service Centre close to Hidco Bhavan. I think that will be a great start to better services.
* * *
Here are two clippings from today's Anandabazar:


  1. Sir,
    I am a member, BoD of a Bulk Cooperative Society (32 members). We were allotted land opposite the proposed State Convention Centre. The roof casting of our residential building is completed. We had applied for electrical connection to carry out works that require consumption of electricity. Now, the WBSEDCL is asking for 4-5 rooms for installation of 12KV transformer and accessories. This was not in the oringinal plan sanctioned by the WBHIDCO. Now we are in soup how to accommodate this. We have heard that digital transformers require much lesser space and can be installed on top of the building. But the WBSEDCL is oblivious of the fact. Can you please enlighten us on the issue?

  2. Sir,
    Alternate to BSNL should also be promoted Telephone is a basic requirement and should have been developed well in time, I dont know how much the unprofessional BSNL can serve New Town during a phase when they are running huge losses and have a archaic rules and regulations.

    1. BSNL has an opportunity to capture and monopolize the broadband and the landline telephone market in New Town. Most of the customers are affluent and BSNL can also hope for a steady stream of revenue from there. That too when the PSU is suffering from heavy losses due to competition from other telecom service providers. From last 6 years I am hearing that BSNL is planning to provide services in New Town and even in 6 years they could not do that!!!

      I really wonder how these BSNL officers work. On top of this, the upper rank of BSNL is filled with IES officers recruited by UPSC and this only shows how able boys are "destroyed" in Govt offices.

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