Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bhagat Singh Bhavan

The Expert Panel recently selected the concept of the Bhagat Singh Bhavan to be built in Action Area II. I quite liked the concept as well as the environment friendly devices such as rain harvesting, shades and natural cooling and, mostly direct Solar-to-AC (without batteries) technology proposed. On this, I will meet Polaris next week on this. Polaris won the selection. Here is a glimpse :
Bhagat Singh Bhavan (proposed): Award winning entry
* * *
Here is a small cutting from yesterday's Telegraph:


  1. beautiful design. I was following the news through HIDCO website and anticipated a post on this!
    The selected area is very near from my home and that's why I am super-excited about it :) - hoping to see it completed soon!


  2. I had a discussion with the architect yesterday. He told me of a track-time-line concept embedded in the design. I was quite fascinated with his idea of bringing in Vapour Absorption technology of converting solar energy directly to AC without going through any battery in between.

  3. Great news! Can we all apt owners implement solar energy concept to save to go about it? Is there any site to educate high rise housing societies? Thanks