Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Geriatric & Trauma: Date Extended

Seven plots in New Town with specified uses were put up for tender sale. Few fetched very good response: for one institutional plot, Rs 34 crore was the price quoted for a 2 acre plot ie Rs 17 crore per acre. For a mercantile retail plot of 20 kottahs the highest bid amount was Rs 7 crore (ie Rs 21 cr per acre), for a restaurant of 20 kottahs it was Rs 4.50 cr (Rs 13.5cr per acre), for two health sector plots of 30 cottahs each, Rs 7 & 6cr (Rs 12 & 14 cr per acre).
However, two plots meant for Trauma Care (1 acre) and Geriatric Health Care (2 acres) only one bid was received for each. As per tender clause, these bids have not been opened and the time for submission has been extended by 15 days. Yesterday, the Hidco board ratified this. Here is the advertisement:
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The following clipping from today's Telegraph recognises my days in SINP (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics). I did my Post-MSc Associateship course there.

(There are some minor variations from what I told though)


  1. 1. 34 crore for educational institution! 2 acre is too small for an international standard school. Just curious - What exactly is the successful bidder open up there?
    2. Does HIDCO allow change in the land use pattern after the plot is purchased (would the bidder apply to change the plot to a premium residential property etc.)
    3. NewTown has currently one school. With sizeable middle class population coming up in next 3-4 years; what is your plan for a more affordable school? Would reputed schools of Kolkata (Hare,Hindu, Calcutta Boys etc.) be requested to open up a second campus here?
    4. On a lighter note, could the International Convention Center plot (100 acres, I believe) handed out to SINP? The convention center is jinxed - looks like it is never going to come up!


  2. 1. I'll reveal once the first installment is actually paid.
    2. No. Strictly forbidden.
    3. There are plans
    4. :)

  3. The price reveal that slowly New Town is being lapped up by investors. Great going. :-) Yes the International Convention Center plot is actually a nice idea suggested by Sowmik.

    Now, eagerly waiting for 31st July, the last date for submission of interest by the financial institutions.

  4. TOI reports "Rajarhat plots fetch hefty prices":

    I hope Govt. will have some checks to cap the exorbitant healthcare and education cost for middle-class. 10% reservation for poor (already mandated) will definitely help - however, if a large section of non-poor class (90%) may suffer if left at the mercy of competition to stabilize the cost as there is a huge demand-supply gap of decent healthcare and education.

  5. State finally gets it!!
    জমি-জট কাটিয়ে রাজ্যে পরমাণু গবেষণা কেন্দ্র: দায়িত্ব সাহা ইনস্টিটিউটকে

    "....কর্নাটকের সঙ্গে পাঞ্জা কষে ৫ হাজার ৫০০ কোটি টাকার এই প্রকল্পটি রেখে দিতে পারছে পশ্চিমবঙ্গ। প্রকল্পটি শেষ হলে তা হবে বিশ্বের পঞ্চম এমন গবেষণা কেন্দ্র। গবেষকদের কথায়, বিশ্বের সেরাও বটে।
    ভারতে প্রথম এই পরমাণু গবেষণা কেন্দ্র গড়ার বরাত পাচ্ছে কলকাতার সাহা ইনস্টিটিউট অফ নিউক্লিয়ার ফিজিক্স (এসআইএনপি)। সংশ্লিষ্ট গবেষক এবং বিজ্ঞানীদের দাবি, এটি রূপায়িত হলে নতুন ওষুধ আবিষ্কার থেকে রসায়ন, জৈবপ্রযুক্তি বিভিন্ন ক্ষেত্রে গবেষণার নতুন দিগন্ত খুলে যাবে। উপকৃত হবেন দেশের, বিশেষ করে রাজ্যের বিজ্ঞানী। শিল্পমহলও।..."