Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Transfer of Leasehols Rights in Salt Lake Land Allowed with Fees

The State Cabinet yesterday approved the proposal for allowing transfer of leasehold rsghts in Salt Lake. Rs 5 lakhs per kottah has to be paid for this. Most papers have reported on this subject. I reproduce a clipping from today's Bartaman:
* * *
At Digha yesterday, after the 3km walk for a "Clean Digha" campaign on the occasion of the World Environment Day, I held a detailed review meeting with various officers and agencies. We decided on certain time targets. We also decided to try out building footpaths in Old Digha (near Bay Cafe) using coloured paver blocks


  1. Welcome to both the steps.

    1. Transfer of leasehold rights is really welcome. That was long due.

    2. Decision to build footpaths in Old Digha is really nice. In fact we need this all over Digha ( both new and old). Also we need to install dustbins at regular intervals in the footpath.

    Sir, are we going ahead with "Bay Drive" from Digha to Mandarmani? Any plans for old buildings / hotels refurbishment and any Digha masterplan?

  2. Digha will look a nice destination spot with colourful looks and cleanliness.

  3. I made a request to the newly formed West Bengal Highway Development Corporation to make speedy road from Nanakumar to Digha in PPP mode or otherwise

    1. This is the way to go Sir. !!! Great ... So did they agree? I know finance is an issue but we need to get this done.

      Another thing I would like to say about finance. Do the existing hotels and and resorts in Digha- Mandarmani belt pay taxes regularly? I am sure there will be some leakage and if we can stop that to a substantial level, we can garner a lot of revenue for development. Moreover we can also gather a lot of money if there is a building and planning department of DSDA or Digha municipality. They can be the approval authority for building plan sanction of hotels and houses in Digha - Mandarmani-Sankarpur belt . Firstly that will stop rampant growth of dingy, unplanned buildings and secondly that can also be a good source of revenue for the state Govt.

  4. We also agree with Abhishek on the uncontrolled unauthorized growth of hotels issue. These people make a lot of cash without proper bill and taxes. yet most of them does not even have a proper emergency exit plan for the tourist. here the safety of the tourist can be a issue to take care of for a Digha we all dream of.