Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Schools of Architecture and Planning in States

The Associated Town Planner of UD Department Late PKBiswas passed away in service almost a year ago. We moved Public Service Commission for a new incumbent, but despite their efforts, they were unable to get a suitable candidate. A second attempt will be made through advertisement by PSC again this month.We wait.
Yesterday, I received a DO Letter dated 7th June from Dr Ashok Singhvi, Joint Secretary , Govt of India. He has written that there are hardly 16 recognised institutions in the country that produce about 600 qualified town and country planners annually. He argues that the number is quite inadequate and there is today an acute shortage of qualified Town and Country Planners.
GoI has requested the states to consider setting up Schools of Architecture and Planning.
Let us see if we can take this forward. I will talk to Dr Singhvi soon.
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India about the Parking Plaza to come up in New Town, Kolkata on PPP basis. The expression of interest is available in Hidco website:


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  2. If we have land, lets have one of these schools of Architecture and Planning in New Town. And also lets recruit more of these graduates in organizations like Hidco , KMC, KMDA and UD department. I think our cities pose a significant challenge having unplanned growth for decades / centuries. In that case, WB Govt can sponsor many PhD students in these schools for solving these unique challenges belonging to different WB Towns.