Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Committee for mechanised construction works

In the Tuesday weekly meeting yesterday, I advised that a technical group may be formed to devise ways and means to adopt mechanised modes of construction so that projects can be completed quickly. The difficulty often is that (a) the conventional PWD schedule of rates may or may not be suitable for high-speed activities and so there is a need to "pay more for speedy work" and (b) safety, reliability and standardisation norms may not exist in some cases and there is a risk in going beyond norms (what if the bridge collapses? kind of queries).
Hidco has a long tradition of using mechanical equipment. In fact the rate for earth filling jobs using mechanical means was incorporated in the PWD schedule by Hidco engineers. In WBPDCL too, when I was there, I'd observed innovative use of technology. Let's see if we can come up with really reliable solutions -as distinct from few hare-brained schemes of fancy foreign innovators.
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Debashis Gharai of Sakalbela met me yesterday at Hidco. We talked about Solar City Project, Bhagat Singh Bhavan and renewable energy. This is what he wrote in today's Sakalbela:


  1. "pay more for speedy work" should not be an issue , particularly in our country where project delays and cost over runs are the norms. I think we should consider mechanised construction for JNNURM projects as well.

  2. Sir, heard that India Design Centre project has been held up mainly because of disagreements between two ministries IT and urban development.

    If this is true, we should speed up things as it would bring a lot of investments in VLSI.

  3. Another thing... I would like to say since you are putting focus on solar and renewable energy. Already WB Govt is giving subsidy for solar panels in homes. Now can we take it a step forward? Can we get the extra energy from the households connected to the local grid and get further reduction in monthly tariffs which will be an incentive for the households to embrace the solar energy more, something in the lines of what Germany has done.

  4. Vaguely remembered reading an article on ET related to Schwing Stetter few months back - Google did the magic to find for me:

    Also, 2012 DELHI SCHEDULE OF RATES by CPWD may come handy to compare rates:

  5. Avick: Thanks for the link: just read it.
    I'll give this to the Committee that I formed today on this subject. By the way, there was a presentation today at Writers' where quick mechanical methods for (i) embankments (ii) land reclamation (iii) canal revival (iv) wastewater management etc were demonstrated. They'll meet KMDA and Irrigation deptt tomorrow. I invited them to visit Digha as well

  6. Hello Sir,

    On SINP's request one suggestion is to see if we can offer land under DSDA's jurisdiction. I know they are looking around kolkata. But if they agree and I assume we may have land in DSDA. This may be a very quick way to put Digha in the international map not to mention the humongous benefit it will bring to Kolkata/Bengal.

    Thank you.

    1. And this may help bringing central investment on the much needed surrounding infrastructure...

      having said that we all just want to have that project in Bengal and you seems to be the only window to reach Govt. for the expatriates.

  7. 100 acres of compact land is really difficult to locate in the govt domain - certainly not in New Town, Salt Lake or Digha either