Monday, June 11, 2012

Flood-lit Football

New Town Flood-Lit Football Final
Durgapuja is one occasion when community feeling is at its height at New Town, Kolkata, as in rest of Bengal. But while other areas have other social events, there isn't much activity in the new township. To help create a community kinship, therefore,I have been trying, through  NKDA/HIDCO, to host events. We had the Residents' Meet in April, Rabindra Week with sit-and-draw competitions etc in May, and now, the Vodafone sponsored football tournament. Yesterday was the finals. There was great enthusiasm in the breezy Sunday evening. I was there too.

And here is a glimpse of the entrance to the football ground in AA-I where the play was held:

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Bengal Post carries a story on Digha today. Here is the clipping:

Here is a clipping from today's Times of India on food kiosks:

 And finally, a cutting from Sakalbela about Raghunathpur planning:


  1. Fantastic, really fantastic initiative.

    1. Community initiatives are part of any developed city. Let us consider Vancouver, which has been ranked as one of the top 5 cities to live globally. You can take a look at the following 2 links:

    You are involving the local community in New Town too, which is really a great initiative.

    2. So...are we planning to build the Digha-Mandarmani drive with the help of World Bank Fund? That will be a great thing to do.

    3. Is the State Govt fund going to get utilized for widening of Road from NandaKumar to Digha? Thats also a superb idea actually.

    4. Kiosks are definitely a nice idea. However I have a comment here. Lets check the growth of hawkers first. In 2007-08, I was working in DLF-1 and everywhere surrounding it were unchecked growth of hawkers selling roadside food. I am hearing the same near DLF-2. Cant we control the establishment of the new hawkers around the newly established commercial zone?

    5. Lets fasten up the DVC thermal power plant in Raghunathpur. I came across an article which is 3 years old (2009) when it was being planned.

  2. A completely unrelated topic, in which I think, your intervention can help entire Bengal. This is related to SINP Synchrotron project. Though it might not be under your jurisdiction, thought it may interest you as you are an alumni from SINP and I have no other option to reach the Govt.

    The main news is here:

    The impact of this project will be unparalleled. It will catapult Kolkata into the international league & map, as this synchrotron centre will attract the entire international science community and change the face of scientific and technological research in the state and this part of the world. The synchrotron machine will have vast industrial use in steel plants, Boeing planes, automobiles and pharma besides nano, material and biological sciences. So one can imagine the impact of this project on economy & hospitality prospects of the state. No doubt why Karnataka is smacking lips about it, if Bengal falters.

    If WB Govt. can make this project happen, I'll give this Govt a 100/100 no matter whatever mistakes it has done or might be doing. Just want this to happen in Bengal. This opportunity can't be lost at any cost. SINP is a Bengal based institute & all it requires is around 100-200 acres, if not in Rajarhat, anywhere else like Kalyani, Bantala, South 24 Prgns around Kolkata would do I guess.

    actually, if the Govt propose to tata to release at least 100-200 acres of the controversial Singurland (if I remember correctly 400 acres has no problems) for this project as a form of out of court settlement, tata would find it VERY difficult to say no. because one they are traditionally big backers of science, (TIFR/ IISc) and secondly, not helping a project like this would ruin their corporate image.

    1. I believe this Bengal's one last chance. The government just needs to wake up and bloody take a look at this project!It simply is stupendous.If this happens in Kolkata the entire state will pop up in the world map of scientific research and technological advancements. It MUST BE DONE in Bengal.

    2. Thanks for your comments, Tatai

  3. I think land will also be available near Rajarhat. A big township project has been conceptualized by a private group in Rajarhat. The total size of the township , I think is 580 acres and If the group has the land with them, I think Govt can act as a facilitator between SINP and the private developer. The link of the township project:

    1. State plans land use map for Rajarhat
      "KOLKATA: Exactly a year after dissolving the Bhangar Rajarhat Area Development Authority (BRADA), the state government has taken it upon itself to create a land use map of the area around Bhangar and Rajarhat to control the unchecked mushrooming of highrises that are being constructed without taking into consideration the public infrastructure. This was decided at a cabinet meeting in the state secretariat on Monday....."

    2. This should be done. It should so happen that no bank loans are available until the the builder gets the approval of the project from HIDCO and HIDCO will have a list of the public infrastructures to be provided by the township project.

      Examples of public infrastructures are:

      1. Big, wide roads ( 50/ 60 feet minimum for at least the main roads in the township)

      2. Wide pavements.

      3. Parks

      4. Underground sewerage connection

      5. Underground electric cabling

      6. Preferably concrete, otherwise good quality tar road and not morram roads.

  4. Thank you for the link on "Swapnabhumi". Please post more such links if it relates to the neighbourhood of Rajarhat.

  5. Hi Sir,

    As a citizen of Kolkata & Bengal I felt it is urgent to draw your attention regarding SINP Synchroton project. It is coming up everyday in different newspapers and time is running out before it goes to IISC Bangalore. Although we aspire for it to happen we the citizens are really doubtful about its prospect.

    Sir, we have only you at helm, who can help reviving bengal and its sinking image. We don't want to lose another opportunity.

  6. You are most welcome Sir. So this is another project in Rajarhat outside the HIDCO Area. However I do not think they have any space for commercial zone.
    Moreover I think some of their mouzas are in East Kolkata wetland areas.

    At one time, I was looking at buying land outside Hidco Area and had come across both Unnayan Garden and Swapnabhoomi. The later seemed to have a plan for proper commercial zone and to avoid conflict in getting land, they were making the farmers shareholders in their company ( something like what has been done in Magarpatta city, Pune). So I thought about telling about the township project to you.

    I had a relook now. Their map for township shows a pretty big commercial zone for IT, educational hub and anchor tenant.

  7. Great efforts...Bengal shining.

  8. Little unrelated topic, saw this article at today's telegraph:

    "Calcutta runs the risk of losing a coveted international science project with far-reaching potential if the state government fails to provide land this year.

    The Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP) has won a Rs 6,000-crore project to build the world’s fifth high-energy synchrotron centre. But the government has not yet informed the SINP if land could be given.

    “Under Phase I, for which the department of atomic energy has already allocated Rs 250 crore, we will have to procure a contiguous piece of land of 100 to 200 acres from the government,” said SINP director Milon Sanyal.

    Sanyal has written “three to four letters” to the Bengal government but is yet to receive a reply.

    The institute has asked for land in Rajarhat, where it has been given eight acres to develop its second campus. “If we do not get a response by December, we will have to think of shifting elsewhere. The project cannot be delayed,” added Sanyal."

  9. But why Rajarhat ? The project may have harmful effects on the health of the people?Why not some other place in Bengal?

  10. @Sanju It is a misconception that anything with a name "nuclear" in it has radiation effects on people. Even if it has so after taking so many precautions, it will be very little and that can be compensated by more plantation/buying carbon-credits. In that case we need to do only farming and agriculture while others stride ahead. Every industry does pollution but that's not an excuse not to do it.

    How come Bangalore and others are doing it? Is BARC situated outside Mumbai?

  11. @ Sanju
    But why Rajarhat ? The project may have harmful effects on the health of the people?Why not some other place in Bengal?

    you think ? the banana you eat has more radiation than this project would ever radiate. (yes it's true, google for it)

    the superstitious uneducated attitude of even so called educated people to the word nuclear is frankly, medieval.

  12. No offences to anyone by anyone please.