Monday, June 18, 2012

National Commission on Sustainable Urban Development

The Govt of India is setting up a second National Commission of Sustainable Urban Development. It has proposed Terms of Reference as follows (in brief):
 (1) To analyse the emerging patterns of urbanisation (2) To assess the economic scenario and the role of cities (3)  To develop an Action Plan and (4) any other.

We have suggested that assessing technology to be used for smart cities should also be a part of the deliberations. I believe that cities of the future will be able to handle the monumental social, environmental and economic pressure only if technological options for smart cities are adopted. 

Accordingly, we have proposed that the following may also be included in the Terms of Reference:
“3(a):To assess and develop an action plan for adoption of technology that will lead to smart cities”.
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Here is a clipping from today's Sakalbela:

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