Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Eco Park Review

Like the last several site review meetings on Saturdays, we had an open air on-site review today as well. KMDA and KMC consultants came as also others. We talked of a Desert Garden, a beach on the island, butterfly garden and Nature Interpretation Centre. We discussed about electrical master plan - it seems the initial estimate of 600 kva is going to be exceeded - and drainage master plan. We recognised that during peak monsoon, the park may have to be closed when the lake water would spill over.
I mentioned that we could concentrate on hedges that have colourful leaves. I thought of the following example from Kalpataru Garden in Burdwan that I visited recently:
(i don't know how to flip it right in this blog :
i'd done so in my image editor though)
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Since I was away in Purulia, I'd missed the following story in Times of India (31st May) about use of radiation in waste water treatment; I learnt of it from my Goole Alerts:


  1. Many comments:

    1. Hedge in the picture really looks nice. We can definitely have something like this.

    2. Beach on the island will also be an amazing thing.

    3. I have a suggestion. Can we have some way to use the excess lake water to get purified and supplied as drinking water for Greater Rajarhat Area, I know a line from Ganga is getting established but in no time as population in and around New Town will grow, demand will outstrip supply. So, during Monsoon, instead of closing the park, we can dredge the lake, make it deeper to store more water and in some way, if we can get it purified, can use it to augment the drinking water supply from Ganga.

    4. BARC technology will be good. Can they do similar stuff for the industrial sewage? In that case, they can earn a handsome money and we can also make it mandatory for the numerous factories in and around Ganga to use them to reduce the pollution level in Ganga.

  2. A completely unrelated discussion.
    Can we focus more on wide pavements, whereever we have space?
    Please take a look at this.

    Also can we introduce regular cleaning and washiing of Kolkata streets and removal of illegal shanties. The picture below will illustrate this. ( BTW, I heard some illegal "Bhater Hotel" has cropped up near DLF -2 like the ones we already have got near DLF-1). We can remove them at the start rather than allowing them to get established and later demand compensation.

  3. I do agree that cleanliness and maintenance by municipal is most important because outside Kolkata all have an impression that it is very dirty city.We need to change this thinking pattern.

    1. I cannot agree with you. I am working in Bangalore for the last few years and whenever I say to people that I am from Kolkata , people ask "Man, why is your city so dirty?"..... I really feel so bad.... Imagine a person entering Kolkata from airport ....He will pass through VIP Road and EM Byepass..... roads are potholed, the shops are dingy and small....and there is dust everywhere......on top of that in VIP most places there is ample space to widen the road and it never happens..... same applies for a person entering the city from Howrah.... he passes through Posta....and you know what he sees....... Its high time we clean up the city and do some old building refurbishment at least in specific areas of the city.

    2. Sorry Sanju in the first line what I meant was "I completely agree with you" or "I cannot agree with you more". My mistake.