Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saurav Ganguly cuts ribbon in New Town

Today afternoon, Saurav Ganguly came to Hidco to meet Firhad Hakim, Minister. After the meeting, both of them and me went to the first rotary site. A tribal statue has recently been erected near the first rotary. Today, Minister asked Saurav Ganguly to cut the ribbon to inaugurate it. Here is a photo that I took few days ago:
Just across the road, a bus stop erected by NKDA was also similarly inaugurated by Saurav Ganguly. Minister and myself were also there. We sat in the bench of the bus stop for few minutes. Saurav commented that he'd not been in a bus stand bench for a while!

At Bus Stop Nazrul Tirtha, New Town
(LtoR: Saurav Ganguly, Firhad Hakim, me)

* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Sakalbela:


  1. Congratulations for the fast completion of Rabindra Tirtha.
    The tribal statues also look great.

  2. Hello Mr Sen,
    The Narkelbagan crossing is soon turning into another bottleneck with increasing workforce commuting to Unitech and DLF2. People wait on the main road waiting to board a bus or other transport. Yesterday after the rains, there was no traffic guard presence and people were driving at will. I am sure there might be some plans for an underpass/bus bay here, if not then i am dubious that it will soon be a blocker. With the inauguration of Rabindra Tirtha, this problem will aggravate.

    And about Rabindra Tirtha, we could have considered some other trees than the same Gulmohar/Katha Champa. Trees like Jacaranda/Amaltas/Carribean Trumpet would have given a much more visual treat than the ones planted.

  3. We are planning for pedestrian underpass for 3rd intersection near Hidco Bhavan.
    We are also thinking of some temporary bus shelters at designated points, pending construction of the permanent ones by NKDA - work on which is to start on Monday.

  4. Pedestrian underpass is a wonderful idea and should be done immediately, not only in Narkelbagan X-ing but in all the major intersections. I think I saw one being built near Akankha More near the new road.

    Congratulations for Rabindra Tirtha !

  5. Yes, the "Sixth Intersection" is a complicated one and the sub-ways are already being built