Saturday, June 16, 2012

Survey by UMTC begins

A team led by Ms Ishita of UMTC has been in New Town since the last couple of days. Yesterday morning I met them and told that we were looking for transport solutions that were always ahead of the development. Infrastructure ahead of Development - is a concept that I'd learnt during my World Bank sponsored visit to Singapore a year or so earlier. Here is a report that appeared in today's Anandabazar based on a brief discussion that I'd had few days ago with Arja Bhatta Khan:
A PRT is like a horizontal lift
* * *
The new Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh met me yesterday at Hidco. We talked of few things of common interest. I informed them her that we were ready to allot land to the Bangladesh DHC but we'd need NOC from Ministry of External Affairs, GoI for this.
(L to R): Me, HE Ms Abida Islam, DyHighCommissioner of Bangladesh
and Mr Abu Nasar, Counsellor, Bangladesh DHC
* * *
We invited Shri Jogen Chowdhury to advise us on Rabindra Tirtha. He spent a considerable time with us, advising us on many aspects including the way we could set up the exhibition rooms. Here is a photo at Hidco conference room, soon after we returned from the field inspection:
Jogen Chowdhury in Hidco Confrerence Room on Friday


  1. Sir,
    1. I have seen that in Brussels, each and every bus stop has a list containing bus routes and timings. Even in Turnhout (a small town in Belgium), these facilities are available.
    2. In India, a small town like Mysore has GPS operated bus-service that predicts possible time of arrival (say, ETA on Bus Rt. 123 - 5 mins.) on an electronic notice board on bus-stop.

    I sincerely request you to equip the bus-stops of NewTown with similar modern facilities like map of the bus-route, route details, timings etc. along with possible time of arrival for the next bus (would be much more useful than laminated photographs of Ray/ Tagore that currently are seen in front of DLF bus stop). A person who is new in town would find these information very handy. These small things would contribute in making NewTown a 'futuristic smart city'.

    Thanking you in anticipation....

    1. I agree with whatever Sonali is saying. This is the need of the hour.

  2. +1 on the above comment. Modern facilities are the need of the day in NewTown. Bus stops should have the above information in neat/clean and aesthetically pleasing format - not like the dilapidated notice boards we see in parts of Kolkata.

    I would also like to share an animated advertisement promoting group transport - maybe HIDCO's creative team could use that to popularize it's transport facilities...

  3. In any case, PRTS will be an awesome idea. Great Work Sir !!!

  4. Yesterday (20 June) Engineers India Ltd met me with a proposal for a monorail from 3rd Rotary (in AA-I) to AA-III. I've requested them to come up with a concrete proposal in the PPP mode.