Friday, June 29, 2012

Landscape Design for New Town

Some time ago, Hidco had sought applications for engagement of a Landscape Architect on contract. But the expert panel did not find any suitable candidate. Today a notice has been published in newspapers for engagement of Landscape Architecture firms for four zones in New Town.

Incidentally, we have engaged several architects in the last few months through Expression of Interest and competition judged by an expert panel. Some of these are (i) Nazrul Bhavan (ii) Bhagat Singh Bhavan (iii) NKDA Building (iv) Markets in New Town (v) Digha Gate (vi) New Digha Gate (vii) State Government Office Complex, Salt Lake and (viii) Special Renovation of UD Guest House in Salt Lake. For the last two, the last date of application is still away.
* * *
   Talking about Digha, we held a review meeting earlier this month and listed few initiatives that we have been taking. Some are (i) Digha By Pass Road- advancing fast (ii) Ayurvedic Health Centre - EOI closed; two responses received, being scrutinised  (iii) Mega Tourism Hub - EOI closed; six responses received (iv) Tajpur / Alampur centre - EOI called, last date open (v) Gates for Digha / New Digha - Designers engaged (vi) Aqua Hub in Amravati Park - Construction on (vii) Main road to Digha - National Highway Status received (viii) Total station survey of Digha - Mandarmani - TajpurSankarpur - Work on (ix) Road-side Plantations - preliminary action initiated (x) New LUDCP for Digha - process initiated (xi) Deer Park - Project Report being drawn up (x): Saikatabas renovation - ongoing (xi) Embankment protection works - proposal for assistance given to Planning Commission. Along with DSDA, many other departments are also involved in these activities. I have not mentioned about ICZM related actions being taken with World Bank assistance.
* * *
  To make projects happen faster, the Finance Department has recently modified the Financial Rules regarding tenders, procurement etc. I feel it is a very good step and will help administration move faster. For example, DGS&D rates have been recognised as also certain govt agencies who may be engaged on nomination - and this includes the Development Authorities of UD Department. See Rule 47D in the following link:


  1. Series of updates !!! Too good actually.
    I did not understand the point 8.
    "Total station survey of Digha - Mandarmani - TajpurSankarpur - Work on"

    Is this about the road connecting Digha-mandarMani-Tajpur-Sankarpur? Or is it about the cable landing station in Digha?

    Are we planning to get some cultural zone / amphitheater / Shopping arcade as well in Digha zone? Also any update on the ropeway project Sir for which IL&FS was carrying out some survey?

    Also you had planned for a massive upgrade of road from Nandakumar with the help of newly established West Bengal Highway Development Corporation. Are we going ahead with that?

  2. 1. Total station survey relates to land survey using digital equipment (I don't know why it is so called). So a contour survey is being done by DSDA so that we know what is the ground situation where we can think of locating projects in the public, private or PPP sector.
    2. A ropeway alignment survey is going on but we are not sure if CRZ regulations will actually permit this. DM has been asked to seek clarification.
    3. Road upgradation will now be done by NHAI.

  3. Sir,
    I regularly follow your blog,and I am really inspired by your vision.Firstly,thanks for the beautification works near DLF IT park(my office) and relaying the service road near it.It has been a great help.Also the statue near the bus terminus looks fab,really artistic, looking forward to more such things.Sir, there are loads of vendors who operate on the sidewalks here, leaving behind heaps of garbage everyday.Sir, can't we shift them to a food park nearby where they would be needed to maintain a certain level of hygiene,wash dishes on basins rather than roads and having proper wash basins where people can wash there hands.Sir the land opposite to DLF is vacant and we can easily make a permanent structure for them there. People would love to have such a arrangement.They mostly opt for these vendors because of over crowded canteens inside the premises.The vendors even charge more than the canteens which otherwise is subsidized.So competitive pricing is not at all a reason for their popularity.So if they can be convinced to ramp up the hygiene levels they would earn quadruple as they are earning presently.
    Secondly, about Digha/ Mondarmoni..I went there last week and prior to that last August, I must admit I am amazed by the change I have witnessed in these 10 months.The drive upto Nandakumar is a dream(except for the eternally delayed 4-laning Kolaghat bridge ) , even after Nandakumar the road has improved significantly albeit single lane.Sir, is the NHAI making it 4 lanes like NH41? we also lack a road which runs beside the sea, won't it would be great if we have something like that.Also, I would like to point it out that we lack proper signposts along the roads for Digha and Mondarmoni.Chawalkhola is difficult to identify if you are a first timer.
    Looking forward to hearing great things from you.

    Thanks Amitava

  4. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
    Landscape designer VA

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have been following your blog for almost a year and am impressed the way the day-to-day activities conducted at your level is made public. The blog is quite informative and wish there should be many more Govt functionaries joining hands to bring in more information to the general public. My best wishes are always there with you.

    Sir, I would like to know whether the present Government has scrapped / withheld the much awaited link of 6 lane expressway from New Town to Ganga Nagar on NH 34 leading to Barasat, for which a tender was floated by WBHIDC Ltd through their tender no No. 204/HIDCO/ADMN-64/2000(Part-III) dated 18.01.2008. This expressway was certainly the best possible route to land on NH 34 cutting out the mad rush of the city. If so, what alternate is their in the Govt's mind to connect this important route and ease out traffic flow.

    Shall appreciate if a revert on the above is communicated thru this blog or on my email id

    Congrats once again for making it different and best wishes!!


    Binay Mohta

  6. @Binay Mohta: I thank you for your kind comments...About the project that you mention, I agree that it is a very important project. We are trying to revive it but are unsure of a few things like wetland clearance, LA and financial viability

    1. Thanks for the update. I do understand the difficulties involved to revive a project which has been kept in abeyance/scrapped but looking at the geographical connect that the project shall provide, still insist a review of the same in today's scenario should help take it forward and that shall only help better connectivity.
      Best Wishes !!

    2. Dear Sir
      Thanks a lot for updating the satus on this very important project between new town and NH 34. Although you are not sure on the revival of this project but I would like to again stress upon revival and completion of the same keeping in mind how lacs of people who travels in this route via jessore road will be benefited with this project. I sincerely believe that if Govt and top Administrators like you wants they can accomplish everything for the benefits of larger section of people and people will love to pay usage charges for this type of projects.
      Hope to listen from you soon sir...

      Tanmoy Chakraborty