Saturday, July 14, 2012

Densification of Cities

Our press advertisements for the Densification of Cities:

The audience at Swiss Hotel:

The inaugural session:
L-R: Me, Harsh Neotia, Raghu Kesawan (World Bank),
Minister Saugata Roy, Firhad Hakim,
Dr Sudhir Krishna Secy GoI, MoUD,
Stephen Mckenna (UK Planner)
Speakers from UK, Singapore, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata deliberated. I learnt many things and will help me chart a trajectory. I will soon post a link to the presentations, transcripts, executive summary etc.


  1. Waiting for the presentation and transcripts. So what is the biggest challenge in making our cities more dense and accommodate more syscrapers?

  2. I received so much wisdom that I'll neeed more time to process it. ButI'll really concentrate on the opposing views so that I can take care of the possible problems. I really liked the list of international cities with FARs allowed and available of per capita square foot floor space.

    1. Sir, I am not sure. Being from a technical field have sketchy idea about public policy and urban affairs. But what I feel is FARs allowed and available of per capita square foot floor space have some strong correlation with:

      1. Width of the road
      2. Width of the pavements (London has actually increased the width)
      3. Cycling tracks
      4. Road space ( including flyovers).

      I think Japanese cities can be a good reference point in this case.

  3. Good to see good old Steve sharing his thoughts with the audience